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Become an active member of mobility planning in your city

Exploiting the power of social media and crowdsourcing techniques

Trip Diaries

Citizens contribution in the development of a valuable and highly cost-effective (for local authorities) data library for daily mobility patterns

Existing Measures Evaluation

Citizens and visitors evaluation of existing mobility measures

Future Interventions Assessment

Citizens and visitors assessment of the usefulness of future mobility interventions

Citizens' mobility information library

Statistics and KPIs to promote and communicate the sustainable mobility solutions that are being implemented in the city both to Cities Authorities and to the citizens and visitors.

Exploiting social media and crowdsourcing techniques to reinforce SUMP development in Med Cities with seasonal demand

Citizens' involvement in decision making

MOTIVATE project is promoting citizens' engagement in urban sustainable mobility planning; through the use of social media and crowdsourcing applications, citizens are asked to contribute in the decision making procedure by:

  • providing data for their daily trips
  • evaluating the performance of mobility measures and expressing their satisfaction
  • assessing the usefulness of proposed/planned mobility interventions

Citizens' contribution is estimated to influence the effectiveness of SUMPs' development (enhancing the implementation of the 11 steps of SUMP cycle) and result in acceptable and long lasting sustainable mobility measures.

Pilot Cities

Actively motivating travelers

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MED cities although facing the common challenge of developing a sustainable mobility background, they also present particularities...



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